Feb 21

DE-Version: revision delete!

This Plugin remove all old revisions from published postes, than post older as x days. 


  • remove all old revisions, than published post older than x days (since Version 0.1)
  • optional – not remove the last revision (since Version 0.1)
  • revisions from current edit post not deleted (since Version 0.1)


Version 0.1 (current Version)


  1. Plugin downloaden
  2. Extract  the Zip-file
  3. copy the directory revision-delete into your /wp-content/plugins folder
  4. Activate Plugin
  5. Configuration the plugin under tools
  6. Rinse and repeat :)

And the last see  you a screenshot of the configuration menu from Plugin revision delete!

Screenshot from Plugin revision delete!

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21 Responses to “WordPress Plugin: revision delete! – english”

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    [...] Un autre moyen est d’utiliser le plugin pour effacer automatiquement les versions des articles. Pour cela le plugin delete revision remplli parfaitement ce role. I’ll est disponible ici. [...]

  2. rasbaille Says:


    Thanks a lot for your very precious plugin but i don’t understand if it’s necessary to push “reset” button manually or if the delete process is executed in background every day ?
    Thanks a lot for your help and for your wonderful plugin.
    Best Regards

  3. Maik Says:

    @rasbaille the delete process run in backround when you write a new post. than the most webmaster have not a cronjob-function in the webspace packet. and the reset button load the default settings.

  4. rasbaille Says:

    In 4 words : You are a genious.
    Thanks a lot !

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    [...] revision delete : Ce plugin va effacer automatiquement les anciennes versions des articles. [...]

  7. junsuijin Says:

    This plugin is better than all others like it as I have a huge number of very long articles with many revisions each, and this is the simplest, reliable approach to dealing with that type of situation (especially when the author makes revisions often). Thank you!

  8. Method-X | Как да изчистим ревизиите в Wordpress Says:

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  10. Martin Says:

    Can I set it to zero (0)? Will this mean that no revisions will be kept?

  11. Maik Says:

    @Martin when you use “0″ than delete Revision Delete! all revisions from this day and older, but from the actualtity post.

  12. Laurent Desprez, Directeur de projet Informatique Says:

    très bon article

    Laurent Desprez

  13. Nick Coleman Says:

    What a great plugin! Exactly what I was looking for, and works like a charm. Thanks for making this!

  14. Kent wilson Says:

    Nick, can you supply a blow by blow on how to do this. Thanks

  15. Jason Says:

    Works like a charm!! Thanks!

  16. Francesco Says:

    Tahnks !!

  17. Scavenger Says:

    @rasbaille : +1 ;)
    Nun Spamen also auch schon die Franzosen tztztztz.

  18. Bernz Says:

    Nice work. Simple steps for the English folks out there:
    1/ once you activate the plugin, find and click on “revision delete!” below Settings
    2/ type in the number of days if your default is something other than 7.
    3/ use the check box if you want to keep the last revision.
    4/ click the “Update revision delete!” button.
    5/ click “Reset” (it’s more of an “Apply” button)
    6/ you must visit each post to apply Revision Delete! ‘s magic.
    7/ no need to update the post.

  19. firestoke Says:

    Nice plugin!!
    Thanks!! ;^)

  20. Quelques astuces pour nettoyer et optimiser la base de données WordPress - CAP Marketer Says:

    [...] Un autre moyen est d’utiliser le plugin pour effacer automatiquement les versions des articles. Pour cela le plugin delete revision rempli parfaitement ce role. Il est disponible ici. [...]

  21. Ryan Says:

    I install vot it and activate it but still it doesnt show under posted message what else should i do please help
    Do i need to manualy insert any code anywhere